Why choose waterproof flooring?

If you've ever experienced water damage, you may already know how vital waterproof flooring can be in your home. Wherever there is potential for moisture, humidity, or spills, these floors can save you lots of money over time. The best thing they offer is peace of mind, and here are some facts about the products and their potential as you consider your options.

Understanding your waterproof options

Each waterproof material offers specific benefits and characteristics that help create the perfect surface for every home. Sharing your requirements and preferences is a great way to save shopping time by alleviating products that don’t match your needs. Instead, you’ll see plenty of waterproof vinyl flooring products that do, with excellent color, texture, size, and layout choices, including those that mimic all-natural materials.

In addition to stunning visuals, you'll get plenty of durability in scratch, scuff, dent, and stain protection. Of course, some products offer more protection than others, thanks to protective top layers in customizable thicknesses, so it's important to consider materials that cater to your needs. With waterproof vinyl flooring, you never have to sacrifice durability for a stunning visual, or vice versa, to enjoy the best opportunities.

If you need a quick and easy installation, waterproof and water-resistant flooring offer customized options that fit your preference. Some products provide single-day installations that you can walk on immediately. Once in place, they're easy to clean, with only a vacuum or broom and a damp mop. With a professional installation, you'll even see waterproof flooring lifespans exceeding 20 years, especially with regular care and upkeep.

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