Hardwood flooring and installation

Every homeowner has dreamed of having genuine hardwood floors in their house. Real hardwood is a traditional yet timeless flooring option that offers plenty of benefits, not just visual ones. We at Miele Floors have over 25 years of experience servicing the flooring needs of Prescott, AZ, and San Diego, CA residents. With our help, we can provide you and your home with exceptional hardwood floors to make your dream abode a reality.

Do people still put in real hardwood floors?

The answer is a resounding YES! Hardwood may be a larger investment than other flooring options, but this material is sure to last for multiple generations. There’s no easier surface to clean and maintain. The durable characteristics of genuine hardwood floors make them less likely to get damaged or even show wear and tear.

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Real hardwood flooring and installation

Our hardwood flooring installation process is next to none! We work with you and your preferences to find the best possible flooring solutions. We’ll determine realistic options and schedule an appointment to scout out your home. Then, a team of experienced professionals will start the installation process at a time that is convenient to you. Our work is fast and painless, allowing you to quickly enjoy your dream hardwood floors.

Upgrade home value

Did you know that by implementing hardwood floors throughout your home can increase its market value by 3-5 percent? Traditionally, hardwood flooring is considered luxurious and, as such, very valuable. Since genuine hardwood floors are built to last and maintain their appeal for generations, they’ll retain their value even if you don’t plan on moving anytime soon. If you’re looking for a quick way to upgrade the market value of your home, you can’t go wrong with hardwood flooring.
Hardwood flooring in Prescott, AZ from Miele Flooring


Hardwood floors are natural and timeless. Each wood plank has it’s own natural grains and grooves, giving it character throughout the years.

For further information, questions, or concerns regarding our hardwood flooring and our installation services and/or inventory, please reach out to our friendly team at Miele Floors today! We’ll work with your vision and prioritize your needs to ensure total satisfaction.